The new-generation model is maintenance-free filtering product used to treat process water via electro-magnetic resonance. As water passes through the PVC (stainless steel or aluminum optional) housing of the reaction chamber at super-laminar fluid velocity, the precipitator produces a complex electro-magnetic frequency in its reaction chamber through an energized induction coil. As water passes through the reaction chamber, the polarity of the calcium ions is changed thus preventing them from binding to any surface, while causing them to coagulate and form calcium carbonate. This powdery-like substance is then easily filtered from the water supply system. Ultimately, since surface scale is prevented from binding to heat transfer plates, efficiency of the equipment is increased. Bacteria are also prevented from growing for two reasons – 1) the cell membrane of the bacteria is damaged passing through the electro-magnetic frequency thereby preventing reproduction and 2) once the scale is removed, the food source/habitation for any bacteria is also removed.

The prolonged resonation of the complex frequencies to the entire water body ensures the disruption of the bacteria's cell membrane and loosens up any scale formation in the piping within the HVAC-R system. No chemical attack on plastic and elastomeric components of the piping system will take place.