The Solid Separator itself has no moving/motorized parts, uses no chemicals or filter media, requires minimal scheduled maintenance (occasional purging), and does not require backwashing. The filtration system is designed to remove solids with a specific gravity range higher than 1.5, solids spherical size - greater than 25 microns (25 micrometres) and solids concentration from 2% by weight.

Velocentrifugation Process of solids/liquids maximizes the use of fluid velocity through modified G-forces while minimizing the need for energy in reclaiming cleaner water. Fabricated using all welded carbon and/or stainless steel construction, the Separator is a centrifugal vortex style with tangential inlet capable of passing a solid with a spherical size equal to 25% of the connection pipe size without obstructing the path of the separation.  The Separator is supplied pre-finished in a powder coated blue/green color.