Fluidyne International Corporation develops, promotes, and markets environmentally friendly products and technologies geared towards conserving energy, generating energy from renewable sources and recycling resources for the good of the environment. You could say we are an "Earth Friendly" company.


To bring to market products, technologies and services that are safe; that preserves the environment and at the same time enhance our daily lives by reducing polluting contaminants in the air, soil and water. To develop technologies that can be brought to developing countries, not only to help sustain their environmental and clean energy needs but also create a local industry that improves the people's livelihood.


Fluidyne International is committed to the preservation of the environment by reducing pollution, recycling resources and reusing by-products. Our Commercial/Industrial products like the Precipitator, Vorticyclo Sand Filter and Centrifugal Separator systems softens, filter and recycle water without the use of chemicals. Our Waste Water Treatment Plants are used worldwide in recycling and treating waste water. Our Biogas and Biomas technologies and equipments convert waste products to electrical power and soil conditioner. Our residential products like the Water Resonator softens water without the use of salt while the automotive product Fuel Booster reclaims un-burnt fuel and reintroduce it back to the combustion process resulting in cleaner exhaust and increased mileage.


Fluidyne International’s goal is to bring these technologies to developing countries that need them the most. Polluted and waterborne diseases are a common problem in third-world countries especially in times of disaster. Our technology can go a long way in improving their lives as well as helping the local economy.


Emmanuel "Noel" G. Moya, P.E., MSc., PhD.
Electro-Mechanical Systems Engineering
With Microbiology Practice

Victor EJ Moya, EIT
Industrial / Environmental Engineering

Keyvan Alamdari, P.Eng.
Project Manager / Partner
Mechanical / Process Engineering

Alaine Crisostomo, Ch.Eng.
Project Manager / Partner
Chemical Engineering

Ernesto Alano, BsEE
Electronic / Electrical Engineering
Project Management

Edna Moya, B.Sc.
Executive and Business Administration

Marcelino Mendizabal, BSME
Project Manager / Partner
Electro / Mechanical Engineering

Ashwani Kumar, P.Eng.
Project Manager / Partner
Mechanical / Process Engineering

Jack Tang, P.Eng.
Project Engineering / Electrical Installations

Saba Sedghizadeh, Bs.EE., PhD.
Electrical Engineer - Consultant

Marius Alparaque, Ch.Eng.
Process Water/Wastewater Specialist


Derk Maat, P.Eng., MSc.
Environmental and Process

Hardy Wong, P.Eng.
EPA and Law